Scout and Friends
Name of theme Scout and Friends
Years 2011-2013
Subthemes none

Scout and Friends is a DVD franchise produced by LeapFrog®. The premise of the series is that Scout (along with his friends) go around various places and search for things to learn, whether it's phonics, numbers, or even shapes.


Scout and Friends was created by LeapFrog® to replace LeapFrog's original series. The company had recived requests from customers wanting new characters. Scout appeared in 2009 as a plush interactive toy and in The Amazing Alphabet Amusment Park as Tad and Lilly's puppy. Later, Scout recived a female counterpart named Violet, two other pals: Eli, a cat, Penny, a hamster, and his very own car, Axle. In 2011, the Scout and Friends theme launched with the hit video, Phonics farm. Afterwards, Scout and his pals visited Numberland, Shapeville park, and The Magnificent museum of opposite words. In 2014, Scout and Friends was replaced by the Letter Factory adventures series which is a CGI rendering of LeapFrog's original characters. Though Scout and Friends is no longer a running DVD franchise it still dominates LeapFrog's merchindise with hit items like, My Pal ScoutMy Own Leaptop, and Chat & count smart phone.

Running Gags

Mr. Polecat - "I don't remember this one."

Penny's love for food.

Eli's napping habits.


My Pal Scout(2009-present)

My Pal Violet(2009-present)

My talking lap pup(2009-present)

My Own Leaptop(2009-present)

My own storytime pad(2009-2011)

Twinkle, twinkle, little Scout(2009-2011)

Learning Lights Remote(2014-present)

Learn & Groove Music player(Violet)(2010-present)

Learn & Groove Music player(Scout)(2010-present)

Chat & count cell phone(2009-2012)

Chat & count smart phone(2013-present)

Read with me Scout(2012-present)

Read with me Violet(2012-present)

Scout's Build and Discover Tool Set(2015-present)

Tag Jr.(2011-present)


Phonics farm(released in 2011)

Numberland(released in 2012)

Adventures in Shapeville park(released in 2013)

The Magnificent museum of opposite words(released in 2013)

Value packs

The complete Scout and friends collection(released in 2013)